Xuan Chen

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Artist Statement

Statement of Empty and Full Series

My paintings examine the contingency between making two-dimensional digital images and making three-dimensional objects in space. Empty and Full Series is particularly inspired by the way in which substances, light and spaces are constructed in traditional Chinese landscape paintings, which usually adopt a scattered perspective, making the composition more flexible and breaking the shackles of time and space. The space appears rhythmic in the process of perception intertwined between “no substance” and “substance”. “Substance” (Full) is constructed by the physical substance of paint, in which rhythmic layers of thick paint-drips are meticulously puzzled together and “no substance” (Empty) by painting as a means of image making, in which thin layers of paint imitate the digital interaction of color such as transparency and luminosity. In “Empty and Full” series, I devised a unique process of painting by first pouring thick, drip-like shapes of paint onto plastic, individually peeling each paint drip from its base, digitally reconfiguring the colors and compositions of paint drips, and physical reconstructing them onto hard surfaces.